Chez Félix

Identity, UX design, Web design, Front development

Chez Félix is a fictionnal French restaurant created for the purpose of a school project on graphic identity, webdesign and front developpement.

Chez Félix is a stylish parisian cheese shop where you can buy and savour some high quality French cheese with some good wine and bread.
The aim was te re-create that smart but welcoming vibe through the shop’s website, by conveying the purpose of the brand. The website should somehow be a shop window on what Chez Félix has to offer, to attract the websurfer and get him out of his house and go enjoy some great cheese. For this, in addition to a good design, we went through some user research and benchmark, in order to have a website where one could find any information one would need to know before taking the plunge and yielding to French temptation..!



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